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The People at Work Project is a psychosocial risk assessment process. It measures how different workplace characteristics influence worker health and well-being, focusing particularly on risks to psychological health. read more

Benefits of Participating

The People at Work Project has numerous benefits for organisations and individuals within them. read more

What is Involved?

The People at Work Project involves engaging workers in the risk management process for psychosocial hazards. It involves worker input into a risk assessment. Following this, the organisation will receive a report which highlights the risk factors for psychological injury within various workgroups. This information, supplemented by focus groups and other organisational information, should then be used to formulate an action plan to assist the organisation to better manage psychosocial risks. read more

Get Involved

The following 5-step Risk Management Process will assist your organisation to maximise the benefits of participation in the People at Work Project and allow you to better manage psychosocial hazards in the workplace.

  1. Step 1: Preparing your Organisation
  2. Step 2: Completing the People at Work Survey
  3. Step 3: Consulting on Outcomes
  4. Step 4: Taking Action
  5. Step 5: Reviewing and Improving

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