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An Awesome Free VSTi Pack – Bluecat

For those of you on the look out for Free VSTs then let me illuminate you on the Bluecat VST pack. This collection of the very best VST plugins has a little bit of everything and can be incredibly useful in the right hands. After having tried Bluecat myself I found that the diversity within the pack itself allows a producer to explore a wide range of sounds and effects.

Throughout the following article I’ll outline some of the finer aspects of the Bluecat bundle. Make your own Dubstep Sample, mix or track and get your hands on the BlueCat VST pack 2. On the inside… Blue Cat’s Chorus – The Chorus can make slight hardly noticeable ensembles all the way to dark and deep destructive modulation effects.

The best part of all is that this vintage chorus is that it’s absolutely free. I never thought that a free plugin could actually achieve this much but apparently I was horribly mistaken. Create complex sounds with the chorus and try it out for yourself…you’ll absolutely love it! Blue Cat’s Flanger – Flangers are awesome and they were very popular in the 70s and 80s. Thirty years later the flanger wants to come back with a vengeance.

Blue cat might not seem to be able to handle a lot in the Flanger department but to be honest you’ll be surprised just how complex this free plugin can actually be. Blue Cat’s Frequency Analyzer – This is a very awesome tool to see the sound spectrum of your music. It allows you to micro tune the sounds to fit perfectly as you wish to have them. This is especially important in the chaotic clutter that is dubstep.

Many time people “overdo” their sound spectrum and lose the important elements of dubstep. Blue Cat’s Gain Suite – Important to control the gain for one specific sound or a collective of sounds. Gain can even be synced up to a midi so you can have manual control over every sound you have. I usually sync it up to the knobs on my midi and individualize certain sounds to create my own wobble effects. I also use it to distort certain sounds on command. Blue Cat’s Phaser – Phasing helps create depth in your music and Blue Cat’s is no exception. It’s based off an older model phaser but still works amazingly. I absolutely love using the phaser only on certain sounds within the mix in order to create a 4th dimensional effect on the tracks. I love catering to the subconscious. Blue Cat Triple EQ – You need to balance your sound and with this amazing Free plugin you get to do just that.

You can implement special filters and individualize sounds as well. I think this is probably one of the better elements within the package especially since it’s free. Bottom Line The Blue Cat plugin pack is quite awesome and for those of you looking to expand your arsenal without having to dig into your wallet then this is by far the best option for you. Please note that this package won’t solve your VST problem but it will provide a stellar base for you to start from and since it’s free you won’t have to spend a single cent on improvising your library. Blue Cat comes highly recommended by many producers.