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The Many Uses of Tapes

Our world would never be the same when the invention of adhesive tapes (sticky tape, duct tape, copper tape) was commercialised and released to the general public for sale. Since the original sticky tape hit the shelves, it has grown exponentially in terms of its uses.

The original inventors never would have even conceived how widely diverse the uses could be, and how involved in technology it would become. [caption id="attachment_31" align="alignright" width="300"] Awesome fabric tape wallet.[/caption] When it comes to durable double sided tapes suppliers for example, this in particular has developed perhaps the most vast range of applications. People have been engaging this magic tape to repair just about everything from motor vehicles, to clothing, to windows to electrical devices.

There was once a whole scene of High School students in the USA who attended their Prom nights dressed in clothing that was hand-manufactured entirely from duct tape. Then, there is the c-grade celebrity who has built a huge online following based on his crazy antics, which revolve around his stunts with duct tape. We are failing to address the designated use for this amazing adhesive, and that is for all our air-conditioning and heating ducts. I have also stumbled across everyday items manufactured from duct tape such as coin wallets, handbags and so much more.

More revolutions in Tape: When it comes to construction and electrical infrastructure in particular, these reflective tapes have become highly important and is used on a daily basis. Due to it’s conductive nature (conducts electricity) it has changed the way trades-people work and increased productivity substantially. Another advancement in technology which has increased production levels and availability of such tapes is the Roll Slitter machines. These machines enable almost anyone to trim industrial sized rolls of sticky tape, down in the retail sized rolls, to be sold individually. To learn more and get your hands on a huge variety of sticky adhesive tapes, search your local supplier's website.